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Both as a sculptor and as a model, the jumpsuit is an indispensable piece of clothing for me....

This article is supported by PETER HAHN

All photos by Roman Kuhn

When I go to the studio to work on a sculpture, the overall is my garment of choice. Because with stone it is quite dusty and dust has the unpleasant property that it creeps into every little crack. The overall keeps it away from me.

I've had this one for four years now, and although it gets a lot of wear, it still holds up.

In my life as a model, the jumpsuit is also my constant companion.

Stockholm, Miami, Barcelona, Warsaw, Hamburg, Santiago de Chile. Most of the time it's just short trips. One day flying there, one day working, the next day back. Of course, that's often stressful and I don't want to burden myself with a lot of luggage. To make things quick at the airport, I almost always travel with hand luggage and never without a jumpsuit.

Black jersey overall from PETER HAHN A basic, light, comfortable, casual as well as elegant wearable.

With a jumpsuit I have "All IN ONE". A handle in the suitcase and I am perfectly dressed with a single piece of clothing. It eliminates the annoying question of which top goes with which pants.

Jumpsuit with floral print by UTA RAASCH

Of course, the jumpsuit should not wrinkle, have a stretch part or be cut wide. Anyone who has ever experienced a ten-hour flight in much too narrow economy seats, knows what I'm talking about. Color-wise, anything goes, but I prefer dark colors and patterns. They forgive almost every stain mishap.

My personal summer winners are these two overalls. They meet all the criteria and look great - and of course not only when traveling. With these one-piece you are on the beach as well as when going out, a real eye-catcher.

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